Shaggy Dog Services

  • Set up a call to find out more about our service

    15 min

  • Problem behaviour will require a behaviour assessment first.

    1 hr 30 min

    100 Canadian dollars
  • Available online or in-person outside

    30 min

    50 Canadian dollars
  • Online or In-person

    1 hr

    75 Canadian dollars
  • One-to-one training between trainer and dog. Let me train them for you

    1 hr

  • Cat fights, scratching behaviour to litter box issues we can help!

    1 hr

    50 Canadian dollars
  • Training for improvement in fearful, aggressive and stress prone pets

    1 hr

    90 Canadian dollars
  • 1-hour separation anxiety meeting

    1 hr

    80 Canadian dollars
  • A monthly package including everything needed overcome SA in your dog

    1 hr

    430 Canadian dollars
  • A monthly package with all the bells and whistles for SA success

    1 hr

    550 Canadian dollars




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