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Obedience & Manners

Torn shirts from puppy nipping/ biting? Barking and howling becoming an issues? Destructive chewing costing thousands in furniture, shoe, and dry wall repairs?

I can help you get a well-behaved pup and peace back into your home! 

I can teach you how to train your dog to stop barking, digging, chewing and howling. We can do it all while building a wonderful, strong relationship between you and your dog. This will be built through communication and mutual respect. 

No force, fear, or harmful tools are ever used or needed for training.  

Web-based training for private and classes (2-5 dogs max per class) as well as in-person options. Online training lets your puppies start as soon as six weeks of age!

In-person training is available in the Kingston, Ontario and surrounding area.  

A range of training options can be found in the "Book Services" section. For more information before booking feel free to email or call.


Trick Training

Destructive chewing costing thousands in furniture, shoe, and dry wall repairs? Looking for fun, mental and physical activity to do with your dog?

Trick training is an excellent way to form a strong bond with your dog and beat boredom


Did you know trick training is a dog sport with certificates and levels?

Do more than have great party tricks- get certificates to hang on the wall and have a blast doing it! 

I have trained two cats as novice trick trainers (any animal can get trick training titles) and many dogs. Winston is an advanced trick dog himself!

Trick training can be taught as a private or group session. There are three trick training levels. 

On top of the regular classes, a final service option is available to prepare you to take your championship examinations with the CKC. I'm not a certified CKC examiner, but I can guide you on what they're looking for and show you how to prepare for each of the assessment sections (chains, expert tricks, and new tricks) to give your dog the best chance at their champion title. 

Above all, this is so you can keep your dog physically exercised, mentally stimulated and ensure you both have a great love of training!

Border Collie with a Bone

Cat Training

Fighting between household cats? Cat scratching becoming an issue? Litterbox issues?

I can help return peace to the cats and your home. Keep your cats and your furniture! 

Cats are NOT small dogs. The way they see the world differs greatly from dogs. Cats are prey species and predators. Dealing with their behaviour can be complex at times. Many cats and their parents need the help of a good trainer, which is generally in short supply for this species. 

Look no further! You've found one!

I offer web-based private training for our cat pet parent clients! We run these sessions very different to our dog sessions. A lot of cat training is based on the history itself, seeing your home set-up and adjusting it more for cat co-existence. Not all cats need the same things either, but we can give lots of great advice. I know the best help aids to improve your cat's quality of life and behaviour. 

My methods are positive and 100% force-free! No punishment tools of any kind are used or permitted. These techniques are linked to stress and increase the chances of urination behaviour in cats. So, completely unhelpful when working with cat behaviour. 

Put those spray bottles away and pick up the phone to give me a call today!


Separation Anxiety

Is your dog howling, pacing or barking when left alone?

Are you spending thousands of dollars in daycare fees?

Do you want your freedom back without having to worry about your dog?

Shaggy Dog is great with separation anxiety dogs and can help!


I know this is a very severe and debilitating condition. It affects everyone in the household. You need to spend a lot of money to get short moments of freedom- pet sitters/ day-care, unproven training aids, life scheduling and more. 


However, there is a proven and force-free training methods that can help many dogs. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your freedom back? What about your dog? Their separation anxiety is not who they are at their core.


Let me help you and your dog find freedom and happiness. 

Curious Dog
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Learning Talks

A lot of training is in how you interact with your pet. Our lectures/lessons give you all the knowledge you need to succeed!

One of the best services we offer is specific talk-based learning. Most talks are 60 minutes (50-minutes teaching and 10-minutes for questions). We do these through zoom web messenger. 

The topics are unlimited. In the past, we have taught topics such as:

- leash pulling in dogs

- Training your dog not to jump

- Child safety around dogs

- Cat behaviour 101

- Dog behaviour 101

- What to consider when getting a puppy

These lectures help clients get the knowledge their seeking for their pets at less cost than private lessons and in a much more class-structured way. Each lecture will often contain hand-outs given at the end for clients as 'take-home' learning. 

Up-coming lectures will be advertised on the Facebook group, the front page of this website and email (email us to sign-up to the mailing list). Please let us know if you have any topics you'd like to see covered in lectures!

W & Train

Child Safety with Dogs

Are you expecting a new baby? Worried about your toddlers safety with your dog? Has your dog been snarling, growling or snapping at your child?

77% of dog bites come from the family pet! This is lack of understanding in both people and the dogs themselves. 

I can help prepare your dog for the arrival of a baby in a way that will be safest for everyone involved. I can also give great interactive, simple games you and your family can play to encourage a healthy, safe and happy relationship between your dog and children. 

The best way to stop a dog bite is to prevent it in the first place. Children are a high risk of bites for various reasons and we have to do everything to can to ensure they're safe while ensuring our dog is happy too! 

I provide a 75-minute online group talk on this topic every 3-4 months. Check out the "Book Services" section for the next date.


I also run a 6-week long course on child safety with dogs.

This course goes over the basics of having a safe and peaceful household for the first 3 weeks. In weeks 4 to 6, we discuss specific training and tips for expecting moms and dads, babies, toddlers, young children, and specific training in dogs to ensure both succeed. 

As always, private sessions are always available for those struggling with dogs and kids in the home. 

You're not alone! I can help give you back peace of mind and safety and help encourage a wonderful child-dog relationship for life. 

Child Safety
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