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Separation Anxiety Training Options 
Image by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic

The separation anxiety training I provide aims to change the dog's emotional response to being left alone. Through training, we change the emotional response from a negative one to a neutral outlook.


The method used will teach your dog that nothing life-ending will happen if they're left alone. The individual dog sets the pace and the way training proceeds.


Thus, your dog will be provided with a completely individual training program designed for them and yourself in a manageable way built to enhance success.

The training won't involve any force, nasty tools, fear, or uncomfortable techniques that would scare your dog.

We're helping them become the best versions of themselves, not trying to shut them down like they're in a war zone. 

Separation Anxiety Training Packages 

There are three main options; however, if none of these fit your situation, please arrange a free 15-minute chat with me as we can also create a custom plan that better fits your situation.


Services can be booked on an as-needed basis or by package. The monthly packages offer an overall discounted service rate and more services bundled into one rate.

However, booking as-needed will likely be the best option if you only need a few sessions here and there (those already well on their way or just wanting to try a few sessions to see how it goes). 


There are two types of monthly and eight-week packages (1) Light Packages and (2) Premium packages. Both include the initial consultation in the cost (required for every new client), weekly meetings, video assessment of training outside meeting times, and weekly plan building.


The premium package also has extra meeting times with the trainer, more time dedicated to plan building and alterations, in-depth video assessments of training, and access to communication outside training meetings.


Most dogs need monthly training for approx. 2-3 months before we can reduce to as-needed training.  

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