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We’re super excited to be in a strategic alliance with the amazing professional at Quinte Canine!

Starting September 19th 2021 Victoria from Shaggy Dog Pet Services will be at Quinte Canine’s facility in Trenton. This means we will be able to see in-person clients in this area too!

Any Kingston clients that wish to meet in a facility are more than welcome to make the trip to Quinte Canine as well on Sundays; located at:


987 Old Highway 2 Belleville, Quinte West, K8N4Z3

All the same services you are accustomed to with Shaggy Dog Pet Services will be available in-person in a hall thanks to the amazing Quinte Canine.

Looking forward to meeting all the new faces and helping your dogs/fur-babies with this new venture.

As always, you can book directly for services under the Book Services section. Once there click on the Quinte Canine tab to see the full list of services and rates currently available.


You are still welcome to email directly for more information and help making a booking too!

All dogs attending the facility MUST be up-to-date on Rabies and DHP vaccinations. Proof must be received prior to the day via email/on the paperwork or given in-person before entering the facility. A reminder email will be sent the week of your appointment. 

Quinte Canine/Belleville Services

Behaviour Modification

Barking and lunging on the leash? Growling at the neighbour? Scared of noises or to go out for walks?

Behaviour modification training is very different from your basic puppy classes. Shaggy Dog can help with your dog's fear-based behaviour. 

Whether that be aggression in the home or on the leash or general fear, there are things we can do to help. 

Many problem behaviours have their root cause in anxiety/fear or frustration or a mixture of all the above. Punishment has no place in the life of a fearful dog and will only worsen the situation in many cases. 

Booking in for an initial assessment will be essential for these cases. 

If your dog has separation anxiety, there is a different process for these behaviours since we are certified in this training. You can find out more by visiting our separation anxiety section or services section (link above).


Private Obedience 

Torn shirts from puppy nipping/ biting? Basic leash manners?

I can help you get a well-behaved pup and peace back into your home! This is only for basic obedience. If it's more problem behaviours, behaviour modification is likely needed. Email or book a call if you're unsure.

I can teach you how to train your dog to stop barking, digging, chewing and howling. We can do it all while building a wonderful, strong relationship between you and your dog. This will be built through communication and mutual respect. 

No force, fear or negative tools are ever used or needed in the type of training used by Shaggy Dog (positive reinforcement).  

 For more information before booking feel free to email or call me.

Separation Anxiety

Does your dog cry when you try to leave? Pace? Destroy? Pee or poop? Do you feel like you're a hostage in your own home?

I have a certification in separation anxiety training and can help you with this very tough debilitating condition. Let me help you get back your freedom and your dog be comfortable being on their own!

This is not an easy condition and there are no quick fixes! However, having someone with advanced training can make all the difference. 

Book in today for your first assessment and we can go over the starting options to get your and your dog on the right track!

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