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What Sets Us Apart From the Rest

Small Groups

Training groups are private or 3-5 participants maximum (small group sizes)! Dogs with less or no socialisation are booked for individual/online training. This ensures you and your dog get the most out of all training- whether in a small group or an individual class.

Individualised Communication

We create individualised plans and produce a write-up for each person and their pet after each training session.  

We can communicate via most online messenger systems and telephone. Whichever works best for the client. 


Web-Based Training

Although it is possible to do in-person training, many of our services are also offered via web-based methods. This allows for extra security for you and your pet. It's less stressful for fearful dogs and less expensive than having a trainer visit you in person. Even young puppies who haven't been vaccinated can begin training immediately with online options. It also allows you to learn from the comfort of your own home!

True Expert Care

Your pet's training advice is provided by a professional in this field!

The trainer at Shaggy Dog has a master's degree in animal welfare & behaviour, a veterinary degree, and recent experience (2020 experience) in both these fields. The techniques are positive reinforcement-based and evidence-based science practices. Continued education of at least 35 hours per year is also acquired yearly to keep up to date with new research.


You and your pets are learning from the best and receiving the best- ALWAYS!

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