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Impulse Control:

This is a key background training for any dog. It's essential that we're always teaching impulse control, especially during holidays when routines are disrupted and overstimulation at all-time highs for our dogs.

So, how do we train them to be more in control of themselves?

The answer is there are lots of ways to do this training. The game I'm giving today is not just about impulse control but teaching dogs to go up then come back down! That's a skill in and of itself. 

For this game, the reinforcer is playing itself. You just give a treat at the end when you're done and switch to a low-arousal game, such as chewing a kong. 

Deliberately get your dog excited, and when they start to play and go up ask for a sit or down. Wait for them to do it and be completely boring (don't even look at them) until they can do it. 

Once they do, cue a mark word "YES", then start playing with them again! 

Continue to do this up and down until they can do it as fast as the video below. 

**WARNING** This game is not for every dog. If you're dog gets overstimulated easily and bites or nips at you, you're better to work with a professional first before trying this game. 

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