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Let's talk nails!

Trimming nails is essential in both dogs and cats. We have to ensure they're both comfortable having their feet touched, moved, and their nails clipped. As with anything, it can take longer in cats, but they will usually scratch their posts and keep their claws in tip-top shape. 

Now dogs can keep them in-wear walking on pavement, but that's hard to come by in the winter. We're either walking on snow, slush, or putting boots on to protect their feet from the toxic salt on the roads. 

In fact, in the winter, their nails get so little wear that they often seem to be growing faster!

But did you know there is a fun trick training game you can do so dogs learn to do their own nails?

Have a look at the handout below. They can learn to do their front and back feet, but we'll focus on the front feet today. 


Scratchboard for nail trims (1).jpg
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