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Upcoming Events:

1) Reactive Rover 4-week (online & in-person) course: June 4 @ 7 PM. Book Now!

2) Strangers & Resources: Help your dogs with their reactivity around new people and resources. Online course with in-person private training: May 21 @ 7 PM. Book Now!

3) Frustrated & Fearful Leash Reactivity: Leash reactivity and mouthing. Online course with in-person private training: May 29 @6 PM. Book Now!

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Shaggy Dog Pet Service has shown me that my dogs are highly trainable by ME! In two short sessions Victoria has trained me how to walk my dogs so that they behave without me yelling or them pulling! She has also reliably come to take my dogs out twice a week for a group walk and left me journal notes from my dogs each time with updates on how well they are walking on leash. I have booked Victoria for some in-home dog, cat and fish sitting in the near future and I feel confident that I am leaving my pets and my home in her capable hands. I highly recommend Victoria’s Shaggy Dog Pet Services and it isn’t just because we have the same breed of dogs, it’s because her services are what she says they are - and more!


Victoria was very compassionate when listening to my concerns about my cat Apricot and her new housemates. Victoria has always told us 100% of the truth and been very realistic with our training.
I really appreciated her teaching us(the humans) what we needed to know to improve our animals lives while maintaining their natural behaviours. Apricot got the best cat highway of her life and we are always striving to create enriching experiences for her.
Victoria was very fair with us and flexible when it came to our timings of training and when we needed to pay - overall she has had excellent quality training and was extremely professional.


Met with Victoria for some assistance with my dog, Bruce, who has a tendency to be fearful and bark at strangers coming into his home or other familiar environments. Victoria was great with Bruce and able to calm him quickly when she came to our home. She educated us on dog behaviour, human behaviour, and what messages can be transferred through these interactions. She gave us a thorough and easy-to-follow training plan and has checked in multiple times since to see how everything is going and if we have any more questions. Would highly recommend Victoria for behaviour training that is based solely on reinforcement and positivity, rather than punishment and negativity. Her prices are also very fair, and it is worth it for Bruce to be more comfortable and for me to be more confident!

Victoria is an amazing trainer. She worked along side me to train my Sheepie and I'm truly grateful for her support and guidance. We came to Victoria for basic puppy training and am very pleased with her services and knowledge. Aglaea has learned so much from a sit and stay, heel with no pulling her leash when walking, puppy nip control, to greeting with proper manners and completely adores the learning games we learned to satisfy her natural puppy needs. Victoria's lessons and instructions are easy to follow, she readily answers any questions or concerns and I am now constantly complimented on my pup's manners and behavior. We had a lot of fun leaning and absolutely recommend Shaggy Dog Pet Services!

What Pet Parents Say

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Why Choose Shaggy Dog?

I’m very friendly, open, and non-judgmental.


Communicating effectively with you is essential to training success by ensuring the knowledge I have on animal behaviour and training reaches you and your pet. 

In step with this, there is much flexibility in how the services are offered: online, in-person, flexible times, and scheduling.

I train through positive reinforcement and have a strict- no fear, pain, or punishment policy. The welfare of your pet and you come first and we work to train through strengthening your bond with your pet.

There are a large range of services offered here at Shaggy Dog; including: Trick training, separation 

   anxiety training, child safety with dogs training, cat training, and many more.

I am a professional trainer with 3 advanced degrees, including animal behaviour & welfare.

I also hold additional training in dog aggression toward people, separation anxiety, and more.


I understand how devastating behaviour conditions, such as separation anxiety or fear-aggression, can be on the pets and the entire family. I’ve been through those challenges personally, but also with many other clients, and I can use this experience to help guide your pet and you through this training.


Our Services


Puppy Training

Online courses or in-person private options. Learn obedience, manners and socialisation to raise the perfect puppy. 



Dogs with trainer

Adult Obedience

Private online or in-person course options for older puppies or dogs. Improve obedience and learn new skills and stop unwanted behaviours. 



Training a Puppy with Snack

Trick Training

Training in trick training, online or in-person options. Learn useful skills and fun tricks to build your relationship with your dog. 




Behaviour Modification

In-person or online private sessions for dogs with behavioural issues: aggression, fear, or leash reactivity. Please contact with details on your dog's situation before booking. Group class available. 



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Separation Anxiety

Expert-specialised (Certified SA Pro) private sessions for pets that show stress signs when left alone: crying non-stop, chewing, peeing, panting, drooling, ect. Please contact me directly with details.




Cat Behaviour Training

In-person or online private sessions for cats specifically. Can cover normal behaviour to problem behaviours: litter box issues, scratching issues, inter-aggression between cats and more.



Walking with Dogs

Day Training

Let the trainer come out and do personal one-to-one training just the trainer and your dog to work on basic obedience skills. ONLY AVAILABLE AT CERTAIN TIMES OF YEAR.




Child Safety with Dogs

Get your dog ready for baby! Learn how to keep your dog and toddler safe around one another and much more!




Self Study Courses

If timing of classes would be hard or you're just looking for a bit of extra help look at some of our self-study courses. Same great advise. 



Coverage Area

In-person meetings available for Kingston, Ontario and surrounding area. 

Anyone is Canada is able to book via online options! 

Not sure about online/ How it works? 

It's EASY and works! 

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