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The holidays are an exciting and fun time of year! They're filled with lots of fun activities, visits to and from friend's & relative's homes and much excitement. 

With all this fun comes a drastic change in routine, which any parent or pet guardian knows can be a recipe for disaster and over-stimulation! 

Get-togethers are the hardest place to bring people and pets together! Children and dogs, in particular, can get into some pretty tough situations. There is over-excitement, tight spaces, and activity everywhere. 

Having our safe spaces pre-trained in our dogs (as discussed on a previous day) is essential, but some dogs and cats are social butterflies and love the interactions. 

However, with all the breaks in routine and excitement, children can struggle with their surroundings and impulse control. Those that may normally be great with pets could be having some big emotions that can scare our pets. 

Below is a handout for some tips on how to make holiday meetings safer for our children, visiting relative's children, and our pets. 

pet safety during holidays.jpg
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