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Leash Walking Aids:

This is a common question I'm often asked is what I recommend for preventing dog pulling? 

Let me start by saying that NO tool on this planet will replace you as a trainer. 

We cannot rely on tools to train. That's our job. Just as no tool causes a dog to pull, none will fix it either. However, there are a few that can certainly aid as long as you're reinforcing, not pulling. 

Harnesses are the answer all the way. Nice V-shaped harnesses are the best. They won't hurt any sensitive structures or restrict your dog's movement. A harness gives you control of the dog's centre of gravity, and if you need to direct them away from something dangerous (the road and an oncoming car), you can do so without high risk of harm.

Why don't I say no harm above?

Because every single tool can be misused to hurt a pet, a harness is the least likely to cause an issue, and it doesn't take as much technical skill to handle it.  

But what about the pulling pooch?

There is a wonderful harness designed specifically for these pulling dogs! It's called the Freedom No Pull harness. I prefer it to any other options because it works similarly to how we do the training, but it also doesn't ride over any of the sensitive structures (such as the radial nerve). There are more ranges between the sizes, and it fits many dogs much better. 

You can purchase this harness from 2HoundDesgins (the company that makes it) and Amazon. Click here to learn more.

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