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Toy rotation creates novelty:

Have you ever had this scenario happen? You found a long-lost toy behind the couch. Returning it to your dog, you see them playing with it for hours, maybe days! 

This is the effect of novelty. 

They haven't had access to the toys in a while, so they're enjoying playing with it again! This is something we can work into our normal enrichment protocols to use the power of novelty so our dogs will enjoy the same toys and chews for longer. 

Break soft toys and chews into three boxes. Box one will go down on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, our dogs have access to box two on Tuesday and Thursday, and the final box is deposited on Saturday and Sunday. You can also do a box per week if you have a busy schedule. 

This creates novelty and ensures your dog doesn't have access to the goodies all the time, so it is far more likely to interact with them. 


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