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Preventing Jumping Behaviour:

Jumping in dogs is a common behaviour. It can happen for several reasons; mostly it's due to dogs being excited and wanting to greet at the face. However, it's dangerous for both the dogs (hip wear and tear) and the people. 

Below are a few tips of things to try. 

#1. Determine why they jump. If it's due to excitement, continue on, but some dogs jump because they're scared of people towering over them. If this is the case, the training below will make it worse. They've learned that jumping makes people stand up straight, which is less scary. In this case, you need to seek professional help from a trainer. 

#2. Temporary training:
a. 50-sits a day: Just as it sounds, ask your dog to sit 50x/day randomly. This creates a strong reinforcement for sitting as the go-to move. It's just for 2-3 weeks until they're great at sitting. Use their regular kibble for this. 

b. Sit, please: this is to teach dogs to ask please when they want something by sitting. Have them sit for pets, food, games of tug, you throwing the ball, everything. This will teach them to work for reinforcers beyond just food. Again, this is only temporary. 

#3. Sitting for Greetings Training:

You can see the video below. When the dog is sitting, the guest or person wanting to pet will approach. If the dog breaks the sit, the person backs up. They only get pets if they're sitting and being calm. Cue YES while the person is petting (before they move their hand away) and give a treat. 

Good luck!

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